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chinese robot waitress

There was an unusual sight at a restaurant called Dalu Rebot in the northeast region of Jinan, China. Seen there, a friendly robot receptionist greet the arrival of visitors at the front door. Meanwhile in the restaurant, a few other robots look busy delivering food orders from the guests, with cycling.

Maybe some people would consider Dalu Rebot is a unique restaurant because some employees are weird. How not, the restaurant which provides 100 seats, is using six robot servants which cycling around the room restaurant and two robot receptionist to serve customers.

Because of the servants, which are the robots that use bicycle, Dalu Rebot must have a circular seating design with bicycle tracks placed around seating areas. This track will be passed by the servant robots using bicycle at the time of serving dish.

Quoted from Popular Science, on Tuesday (21/12/2010), for security purposes, this maid robot equipped with security systems that prevent it from crashing into people or objects in front of him.

Track bikes are also designed to work as a ‘smart track’ which makes the robot creatied by The Dalu Shandong Science and Technology Company can be avoided automatically in case of a collision.

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