REMM-H1, Guide Robot for Museum, Hotel and Office

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reem-h1 guide robot

Robot manufacturer, Pal Robotics is based in Spain managed to create a humanoid robot. Robot named REMM-H1 is designed to provide services to the travelers at various tourist attractions in or used for office purposes. In particular, this robot is capable of acting as the hotel staff or tour guide at the museum.

Quoted from Slash Gear, Thursday (29/7/2010), though it is not equipped with legs, this robot can run using the wheel located at the bottom. Like other humanoid robots, Reem-H1 also has no facial expression. However, this robot has a stereoscopic camera that is located behind the eyes to recognize someone’s face. He also has a microphone that can distinguish between several languages.

Not only that, this robot has ultrasonic and laser sensors to facilitate the purposes of mapping and detecting obstacles when he was sliding. Unfortunately, the battery, the robot can only survive as long as eight hours in a single recharging. Robot capable of running as fast as 4km/jam also has a special room to put some stuff in it.

Here the action of REMM-H1 guide robot in video:

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