Raytheon XOS 2: second generation robot suit for military purpose

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raytheon xos2 exoskeleton
image: gizmag.com

As a superhero, Iron Man relies on his armor is very strong and sophisticated. Now, a robot suit like Iron Man was trying to be created by a United States military contractor. Of course a robot suit called XOS 2 is not as advanced owned by Iron Man. But at least, his ability could be said to double the strength of qualified people who wear it.

Made by Raytheon Sarcos company, XOS 2 is a new generation of robot suit. Compared to the previous version (XOS 1), XOS 2 claimed lighter, faster and stronger.

“We were able to increase the capabilities of XOS 2 and significantly reduced power consumption,” said Fraser N. Smith, Vice President of Operations at the Raytheon Sarcos.

With XOS 2, a soldier could be capable of carrying over 100 pounds again and again without getting tired. With this robot suit, a soldier can hit a hard object, such as wood, without pain.

Although it looks heavy, XOS 2 users claimed to still be able to move swiftly. For example, they can kick a ball or climb without difficulty. Quoted from MSNBC on Tuesday (09/28/2010), XOS 2 was developed for military purposes. In the next five years, the U.S. army has been projected using this futuristic tool.

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