Quadrotors robot plays James Bond theme song(video)

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Quadrotors robotsEvery day, Quadrotors robot make a breakthrough technology. Here is another example. Engineers at the University of Pennsylvania Laboratory attached to the General Robotics, Automation, Sensing and Perception (GRASP) show their agility quadrotors autonomous.

Indeed, Daniel Mellinger, Alex Kushleyev and Vijay Kumar have programmed their flying robots to play “James Bond” theme song in a room full of musical instruments.

The engineers assigned to the robots location in space and time to get there, but the robots have to fend for navigating from one point to another without colliding in mid air. Thus quadrotors is fully controlled by a computer program without human intervention.

More information Quadrotors Robot in the James Bond theme music played you can see in the video ..

And the result is quite successful: Kurtis Sensenig produced this spectacular video performance.
Video Quadrotors robots that play the theme song for James Bond:

Herd of robots playing various instruments such as electronic keyboards, drums, maracas and even cymbals!
The video was aired for the first time at the Conference “TED2012” February 29, 2012, in Long Beach, California.

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