Qbot, a mini robot that was funny and cute

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Qbot robot

Robot developer from Spain, Francisco Paz created a mini robot that is funny and adorable. Robot Qbot named this, is predicted to act as a home robot that can be bought a lot of people.

Qbot was created without having your arms and legs. Although the robot is seen can not do anything, but Qbot designed with some interesting features. One is designed to be interactive robots.

Qbot development based on open source software and hardware to upgrade DIY (Do It Yourself). With a height of 18 inches and weighs 19-24 pounds, Qbot was deliberately designed for ordinary consumers, to be enjoyed by many people.

Equipped with three wheels, this robot is claimed to be able to avoid obstacles. Plus four infrared sensors, ultrasonic, and eyes that there is a webcam for stereoscopic vision and detect faces. Not to forget, three microphones to identify the sound, the LED to give a facial expression and speakers to enable speech synthesis.

Quoted from Cnet, on Thursday (26/05/2010), Paz wrote in his blog that it took over five years to design Qbot. This project was inspired by a desire to create a home-based robotic pets like cats and dogs.

Quoted Tokyo University engineering professor, Tomomasa Sato, Paz following the invitation of the creators of robots to begin creating a global standard open-source robot, which later became the Ford Model T or the consumer robotics.

Sato believes global standard robot is able to inspire tens of thousands of engineers around the world to realize the dream of having a personal robot that is useful at home.

image: cnet
news: detikinet

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