The Process of Robot Working

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robot block diagram

Robot is a part of technology that is able to catch a lot of attentions. This creature has developed continually with the development of method and technology better. Even, many schools have a kind of faculty that develops the way in making this robot. This kind of robot is very useful for human because it can be counted to help man in doing this duty or fulfill their needs.

Some kind of robot can b\do many duty that should be done such as taking or giving something. This robot can also be used to move things, to keep a particular things or to do things heavy. The robots have some special things in their working process. The first one is resolution, in which they are completed by manipulator, a control system that makes this creature can move. The second one is the accurate, the control of the deviation of coming data that is known. The third is the ability of the robot to turn back affecter to the first place, which is known as repeatability. The last one, the robot is also completed with the flexibility control to its move.

This special working has made robot can do the duty such a human. They has already controlled bi a particular system that run systematically.

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