PRIMER-V2 : Robots that ride bicycles (video)

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Robot bicyclingThere is a stereotype that is called human-robot mechanisms with a head, two arms and two legs, respectively, these mechanisms are walked upright like a man. A robot may consist of only one limb, such machines are used in automated production. And even robots called the program to perform certain actions on the Internet. A Japanese company Dr. Geuro demonstrated a robot that knows how to ride a bike.

PRIMER-V2 robot looks like a man who was riding a bicycle. Bicycles have no seat, the robot mounted directly to the bicycle frame. As a result, the toy vehicle modeled on bike naturally as a human being, PRIMER-V2 maintain a balance with a built-in gyroscope, through which he holds the balance and steer so it moves in a straight line. The first test showed that the design operates efficiently, which means that as soon as Dr. Geuro will establish the serial production of the toy robot. The nice and funny thing is when a robot wants to stop, because it had no brakes it just uses his feet for the brakes.(See video below)

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