Philips 87LPC760 Microcontroller Tutorial and Application

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87LPC760 pinout
I’ve collected the Philips 87LPC76x microcontroller tutorial and some application/project using this microcontroller in a zip file. The tutorial file contains below documents:

  • Simple 87LPC76x Microcontroller Tutorial
  • Using the 87LPC76X microcontroller as an I2C bus master
  • Using the 87LPC76X in multi-master I22C applications
  • Using the Philips 87LPC76x microcontroller as a remote control transmitter

About P87LPC760 Microcontroller:
The P87LPC760 is known as a 14-pin single chip microcontroller developed for applications demanding highintegration, minimal price solutions over a wide range of performance requirements. It’s based on an 80C51 processor architecture that executes instructions at twice the rate of standard 80C51 devices.

Download Philips 87LPC76x Microcontroller Tutorial and Application:
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