Personal Robot 2 (PR 2) Project, Costing U.S. $ 4 Million

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willow garage personal robot 2

A company called Willow Garage in Menlo Park, California, United States make robots capable of working on assignment to read a map, identify and retrieve objects, open doors, folding towels and other household chores.

Not a bit of funds spent on these sophisticated machines, which reached U.S. $ 4 million for 11 units of the robot.

This Robot named Personal Robot 2 (PR2). This is a sophisticated machine that is fully programmable, has two arms, rich mobile-based sensors, and has a 16 ‘brains’.

Equipped also with open source Robot Operating System (ROS) that controls the frame PR2, software for storing data, navigation, and manipulation.

This robot is scheduled to be “loaned” to the eleven institutions incorporated in the project Beta. Borrowing is valid for two years.

These robots would be sent to 10 universities in Japan, Belgium, Germany and America. The rest were sent to study at Bosch, a giant company and appliance components.

“The project itself is made to share the progress and opportunities to develop themselves,” said Eric Berger, Co-director of Willow Garage, as quoted from Cnet, on Thursday (05/06/2010)

“This is what is interesting with PR2 robots. Willow Garage allow the robots studied by other research groups. This project allows each group to share ideas and inventions to improve it,” added Andrew Ng, professor of Stanford University.

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