PaPeRo become Robot Cashier

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Papero robot

Japanese electronics companies, NEC, to develop a robot that is destined to work as a cashier. This robot named PaPeRo, its funny and cute.

Unlike the robots in general, PaPeRo is not equipped with hand. Then how it serves the consumer? Well that’s where the strengths, he simply relies on his voice to guide consumers to make payments.

Quoted from Cnet News, PaPeRo did not work alone. But it’s also equipped with payment device called “E-Money Twinpos Self-Checkout System” made by NEC.

Through this machine consumers make payments. Any easy way of payment, the customer scans the barcode of each product and then make payments via e-money card or via mobile payment.

With only 15 inches high, PaPeRo are funny. He was able to speak in Japanese and English to give instructions to the consumer. PaPeRo recently exhibited at the event RetailTech Japan in 2010.

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