Optimus Prime Appears in China

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optimus prime at china

A robot which is similar to Optimus Prime, being concerned citizens of China. More interesting, the robot not only has huge size but also made from recycled waste.

If Japan has a giant-sized Gundam robot, China now also has a robot Optimus Prime, which also did not lose big in size compared with the robot Gundam. And because of the size and weight are virtually the giant robots that are now in the Green Dream Park, Beijing has become the point of attention of citizens.

Optimus Prime figure may be an idol for animation enthusiasts. Whether  movie lovers or  gamers who play a Transformer. For this reason, the creators built a robot made out of garbage with a form of animated figures of Optimus Prime.

As quoted from Gamesradar, Tuesday (20/07/2010), Optimus Prime, the robot has a height of 12 meters with a total weight of 6 tons. Although it does not have a mechanical function, but this robot is much admired by the public because it is made from trash that has been recycled.

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