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Onimaru 3There are large robotics enthusiasts around the world that carries out projects of any glory. The robot 3 Onimaru one of them. The creator is Yamaguchi, Japanese.

Onimaru 3 is a small-sized robot twenty centimeters high, which is very mobile. It has excellent management of the balance. It also has features that allow it to rise automatically when it fell.

A lot of programming work that have been completed. Here is a list, probably not limited to, the features of the robot.

  • This robot is able to do somersaults and dance.
  • Able to balance the body on both hands. He even can move his feet when it is balanced.
  • Ability to grab another robot and throw it back. Especially useful in combat robot.
  • Ability to crawl or move like a spider.
  • Able to stand upright after a fall.

Onimaru 3 no longer being developed by its creator. However, Onimaru fourth version currently developed. Given the number of actions that the robot is capable of, it is possible to ask what can be performed in the new version.

The Onimaru 3 robot video is just over two minutes to present the features of the robot. The end of the video is particularly interesting. It shows including the robot to slide and crawl through the grass.

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