Noby and Kindy, the Baby Robots that are very funny

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Along with the shrinking population and population growth rates in Japan, the Japanese government to allocate funds even big enough to create a robot child. Noby and Kindy is a two robotic boy who accidentally created for medical reasons.

The research team led by professor Minoru Asada of Osaka University had succeeded in creating robotic children. The robot which deliberately created to study the cognitive development of children, is equipped with artificial intelligence and can be used as research material to view a child’s growth and interaction.

Quoted from Cnet, on Friday (18/06/2010), although its size is said to look like the evil doll Chucky movie character, but both robots are actually funny. Noby behavior which weighs 17 kilograms adjusted like a nine-month-old baby. While the other boy robot named Kindy with weights 60 kilograms, programmed behavior, such as children aged five years.

Noby equipped with 600 sensors placed all over his body while Kindy has 42 motors and more than 100 sensors on its body. Both can recognize speech, facial expressions of people and can crawl or even hold hands with someone. Noby and Kindy also has a synthetic leather, two-ear microphone and two cameras in their eyes to understand the situation around.

Child population in Japan is not much because of the shrinking of the population growth there. The presence of Noby and Kindy expected to be entertainers and treat the nostalgia of the Japanese people against the children.

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