NASA robot tested in the Mojave desert

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NASA robotThe team of the Mars Science Laboratory at NASA are doing tests this week in the Mojave Desert of California with a rover just like the one has been traveling to the neighboring planet Mars. The objective of these tests is to improve knowledge in the management of Curiosity robot, which arrived in August to Martian soil.

The skill of these people will be tested through several steps in sand courts, which will measure the mobility the controller system, but will take into account the variation of its actual weight due to the lower gravity of Mars.

All information collected is achieved in a series of tests, including tests on the mound for and against the wind, will be used by a team of explorers in making decisions about the best path in the dunes of Mars, Curiosity robot must traveled on Mars.NASA robot

But all of these tests will be given if the landing on the red planet’s surface is given under conditions that are expected, because this time for practicing new methods.

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