Nao Robots playing football

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Check above youtube video… that’s Nao Robots playing football. They have ability to detect the ball, kick the ball and when they are falling down to the floor, they could standing up their self…

Nao is definitely one of the coolest humanoids around that stands a chance of making it into households as a real product. Aldebaran envisions it as “an autonomous family companion.”

Fully programmable, the 23-inch bot boasts 25 degrees of freedom, affording it an impressive range of motion. Check it out in Nao’s new promo vid after the jump.

Nao can grasp objects with its prehensile hands; process image and sound data; and navigate its environment using its sonars. Multimedia features include high-fi speakers, microphones, and CMOS digital cameras.

The biped runs on an x86 AMD Geocode 500 MHz CPU, 256MB SDRAM, 2GB flash memory, and lithium polymer batteries that last about 90 minutes per charge.

With striking similarities to Sony’s discontinued Qrio humanoid, you’d think Nao was made in Japan. Pas du tout. Aldebaran is based in Paris, though Nao can only speak English.

Nao robots is for sell, one robot costs about 10.000 €. Do you have a plan to own this Nao robot..?

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