Myon Robot to Create Its Own Robot Language

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myon cyclops robot

Could a robot make its own language? It was reviewed by researchers from Germany through a robot named Myon.

Engineers at the laboratory at Humboldt University, Berlin, creating a humanoid that can create their own language.

Produced by the design company “Frackenpohl Poulhelm” and plastics company “Bayer Material Science”, Myon are part of a project called Artifical Language Evoluton on Autonomous Robots (ALEAR).

This project aims to robots able to autonomously manage the rich conceptual framework, resulting in a communication system similar to human language.

Myon designed with a high like a four-year old child weighing 15 kg. He also has 200 sensors and touch-screen panel that is embedded in and reinforced by a polycarbonate skin. However, unlike humans, Myon only have one eye.

Quoted from Cnet, on Saturday (06/26/2010), it seems that every part of his limbs like head and chest has a different power supplies. So did the processor and network, which can operate independently.

source: detikinet

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