MSP430 Microcontroller Tutorial

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Do you want to build a robot using MSP430 microcontroller..? Then you should know the basic knowledge of MSP430 microcontroller. This MSP430 tutorial will show you how MSP430 works (included: MSP430 sample code).
MSP430 microcontroller tutorial

Microcontrollers are binary computers and so they operate on the basis of binary numbers. Binary numbers consist of only 1 and 0. Binary, nevertheless, is unnatural for humans to make use of. ssembly language is one step above binary. It’s therefore probably the most basic language for controlling computers because it represents binary directly and it’s simpler to know. Knowledge of assembly is not totally necessary to program the MSP430, but it is useful in optimizing routines to obtain the maximum overall performance (in terms of speed or memory). The C programming language is the main language utilized and will be followed all through this tutorial. In general, a compiler translates the C code into the binary code and we’ll not worry about how this is performed at first.

A microcontroller isn’t just a CPU. It usually incorporates a range of peripherals, apart from the memory and storage needed to operate. Simply put, it is a computer with some specialized functions. Of course, it cannot evaluate to a contemporary PC in elements like speed and processing capability for all but the high overall performance CPUs, however it is useful inside a wide selection of applications where bigger processors are not feasible. We start by discussing the most essential part of any pc: numbers and computation.

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