Motor Driver on the chip L293D

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Driver motors on the chip L293DDesigned for small wheeled robots, the driver is ideal for robotic classes Mini-bag, following the lineand the labyrinth of disciplines. The driver is based on the chip L293D. For the driver, you can connect two motors. The driver can operate in two modes: Mode A – always served drove a high level and, therefore, engines will be spinning at maximum speed mode with a ringing in the pulse-width modulation (PWM), supplied with the controller, you can change the motor speed.

Here is the pcb layout :Motor Driver L293D PCB

Details :

L293D chip 
socket for the chip to 16 feet 
capacitor C6 to 1000 uF 25 volt 
capacitors C1-C5 0.1 uF 
Resistors R1-R6 100 ohm 
resistors R7-R12 at 220 ohms

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