Monkeys can control robotic arm ..?

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Monkey to control robotic arm
Monkey control the robotic arm (cnet)

Andrew Schwartz, a researcher from the University of Pittsburgh in the United States, developed a robotic arm, which try to test controlled by the brain and the mind of a monkey.

Seven-axis robotic arm with sensors and manipulators were implanted in the body of the monkey. This study aimed to develop brain-machine for people with disabilities or paralysis.

In this experiment, Schwartz inserting two implants in the animal’s motor cortex which covers the arm and the hand control. If the monkey successfully control the robot arm when prompted, then he will get a drink as a gift.

Results from this study is not yet published. However, these researchers reported to have successfully developed an experiment that was published in the journal Nature, where the monkey brain implant successfully control a mechanical arm.

source: detikinet

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