Mohican, Robot to Repel the Bees

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mohican robot

Are you afraid of bees and confused to get rid of it? Relax, now there is a “robot punk” that is able to overcome and cast out “honey-producing animals.”

This Mohawk-haired robot was created by an engineering professor who named Hisashi Sekine, from Teikyo University, Japan. The robot is intentionally made after Sekine experienced adverse events, which is stung by the bees as much as 90 times when the animal is going to clean the nest.

The robot, named Mohican, controlled by a remote that can climb stairs and smelling spray bees directly without having to worry will be stung. Mohican who has a 6-inch height is made of lightweight metal, wood materials and have some motors in the joints.

Then why are children punk hair style? As quoted from Cnet, on Tuesday (10/26/2010), Sekine said that scientifically, Mohawk hairstyle is able to frighten the aggressive insects. But not just Mohawak haired, Sekine said that the robot can also talk like other punk kids.

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