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mobile robot

In this globalization are, a kind of technology has developed well. Many developments have moved in some aspects of human life. Human has a particular motivation in developing this technology. They consider about a lot of aspects related to the aspects that they want to increase about and of course their need. Technology always developed continually, no one cannot guess that develop. This phenomenon is also captured in a particular creature such as robotics.

There are many kinds of robotics. Mobile robot is a robot that has particular characteristics like a wheel that moves the body of the robot. This wheel is known as actuator. This actuator will help the robot to move from one place to another. This robot can be said as a simple robot because the process of work in making this robot is very simple. The working process does not heavy and does not take a long process that takes difficult techniques. The worker just knows about the microcontroller.

For those who still learn about how to make a robot with a simple way. These kinds of robots can be handled well. However, the basic knowledge of making a robot is know well about the microcontroller and the process to activate the specs.

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