MIT-Manus: Robot Therapist for Stroke Patients

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MIT-Manus robot terapist

The usual therapeutic activity of stroke patients no longer have to be guided by a human therapist, the robot was able to take on this role. Results of treatment no less good. Do you believe this?

This has been proven by scientists from Brown University. By using a robot named MIT-Manus, they succeeded in proving that robots could also be a therapist to treat stroke patients.

This experiment itself included 127 patients stroke patients who already suffer from diseases that interfere with the nervous system since five years ago. The patients were initially divided into three groups.

The first group, are handled by the MIT-Manus, the robot therapist. Second, by a real therapist, and the third is not handled specially. That is simply relying on regular medication.

After three months earlier, apparently the result of these trials concluded that therapeutic results obtained by the patient is handled by a robot and a professional therapist is not much different. That is, they both managed to increase the ability of motor nerves and sensors from the patient’s arm.

Quoted from Tonic, Wednesday (21/04/2010), MIT-Manus work by providing a kind of exercise (exercise movement) to the hand of stroke patients. Hands are given various instructions that point to provide stimulation to the nerves and sensors on the patient’s arm.

“We can see that with this therapy, patients can improve their movement abilities,” said Dr. Albert Lo, head of research at Brown University.

Innovation from Brown University was apparently also encouraged the Institute of Neurology in London to conduct similar projects. They hope that similar robots could be developed in the State of Queen Elizabeth and then the stroke patients can benefit from this machine in their home.

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