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Mio Pup

If Mio Pup is making eyes at you, it’s because that’s how he communicates. This robotic Rover can walk, talk, play music, and more. And he lets you know exactly what he wants with his more than 100 “eye-cons”–images that light up in his eyes to express moods like happiness, hunger, love, and surprise. Standing about 10 inches tall, the futuristic friend is an interactive companion that uses technology to let owners know how he’s feeling.

Four touch sensors let Mio Pup know when you are petting him (and, again, his eyes will tell you how much he likes it). Tickling him under his chin may cause him to strut, wag his tail, wiggle his ears, or even play music. When Mio Pup’s eyes tell you that he’s hungry, you can “feed” him the included magnetic bone until his eye-con lets you know he’s had his fill.

Similar to a real pet, the more attention you give Mio Pup, the more he’ll appreciate you. Stroke his head, chin, or back and he’ll walk toward you for more petting. A built-in microphone lets the purple pooch know when you are talking and he will reply with his own babbling or by playing musical tunes. The Mio Pup requires four AA batteries, which are included.

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