Medical Robotics to Improve Medical Surgery

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Medical robotics are the about the robot which usually giving assistance for the surgeon to increase the performance of the surgeon for the best result for the surgery. The purpose of making this robot is to help the surgeon to perform optimally through the surgery. There are two ways of the assistance by the robot. So, you should read this article carefully to know the answer.

Medical Robotics to Improve Medical Surgery

Medical Robotics to Give the Best Assistance

It is really important for the surgeon to have the stabile assistance who can give great performance through the surgery. That’s why the medical robotics is created to fulfill the demands for the best assistance. Basically, there are two ways of how the robot helps the surgeon. The first one is what people called as telemanipulator and the second one is the control from computer. There are some medical robotics companies which continually produce robot for medical assistance such as CUREXO Technology Corporation and also The Acrobot Company Ltd.

About Medical Robotics

Medical robotics itself consists of telemanipulators and computer control, when the surgeon dealing with the telemanipulator they will use the remote control to help them in controlling the instruments that they will use during the surgery. What usually happens for the telemanipulator is the normal movement and this will allow the robot to carry all those instruments in its hands, so the surgery will move perfectly with the good result. While for the computer control, the surgeon gives the entire control to the computer while they are not presence on the surgery. So, the surgery is about the usage of some smart and soft instrument to make sure that the surgery will run smoothly.

Knowing the Background of Medical Robotics

To know further about the medical robotics, it is very important for the people to know about history of medical robotics. Actually, the first robot was created on 1985 and this robot was helped the surgeon to put needle for the brain surgery based on the guideline from CT. Another robot which is called as Probot was at first improved in Imperial College London to help Dr. Senthil Nathan to perform the surgery on Guy and St. Thomas Hospital. People should also need to consider about the Robodoc which was developed on 1992 in Integrated Surgical System to help the surgery of reposition femur.

Actually, people should really understand about definition of medical robotics as the robot which helps people to maintain the best performance for the surgery. People already developed some programs for the brain of the medical robotics, so that robot can really help people on the surgery.

Nowadays, people are considered more about the increasing of medical robotics news from the media because of how this robot have the good purpose and performance for medical world, that’s why there are many news about medical robotics.

So, people really know about that robot from medical robotics magazine which can easily be found on medical magazine nowadays. Just surely check out the information about medical robotics.

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