Mahru-Z: House Maid Robot

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Looking for a house maid who can be relied upon, indeed, quite difficult. The experts in South Korea try to provide solutions to bring agile robots that perform various housekeeping. What are the abilities?

Robot named Mahru-Z has a number of capabilities that deserves thumbs up. Various household chores such as cleaning, washing clothes, heating the food, get a cup of coffee, and so able to do.

Quoted from AFP, Tuesday (19/1/2010), Mahru-Z has a body like a human being, equipped with a swivel head, arms, legs and six fingers plus a three-dimensional vision to identify the tasks that need to be addressed.

“The most prominent of Mahru-Z is the visual ability to recognize objects, understand the tasks to be done, then complete these tasks,” said You Bum-Jae, head of the robot center in Korea Institute of Science and Technology.

“This robot can recognize people, able to turn on the microwave, washing clothes, fetching sandwiches, cups and various other objects,” added You.

It took about two years to create a robot that has a height 1.3 meters and weight is 55 kilograms. However, unfortunately not yet certain when Mahru-Z will be mass produced for sale to the market.

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