Line Follower Tutorial based on ATMega16 + L298 Motor Driver

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Here the another Line Follower robot tutorial… The diagram is quite simple and easy to build, easy to understand. The robot mechanical design not included, you may create the shape and the mechanical design of your line follower robot by your self. Just use motor gear box which have high torque… πŸ™‚

Line follower robot diagram

This line follower robot use the following module:

  • Proximity sensor: 8 pcs of phototransistors
  • Microcontroller: ATMega16
  • Motor driver: L298 module
  • Programming language: C

Download the document of this line follower robot tutorial HERE

This tutorial created by:
Priyank Patil
Department of Information Technology
K. J. Somaiya College of Engineering
Mumbai, India

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7 thoughts on “Line Follower Tutorial based on ATMega16 + L298 Motor Driver

  1. you have done a very good job by including the aprox prices. i appreciate your efforts very well. most tutorials would have some or the other things lacking. yours is a complete package. πŸ™‚

  2. como lo descargo para ver el programa y la fotos por que me manda a otro lugar y no m e deja descargarlo

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