Line Follower Robot without Microcontroller (with timer)

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line follower robot without microcontroller

Another Line Follower Robot without microcontroller project. This project built using IC timer 555 to generated PWM signal to make the motor running smoothly. This Line Follower Robot tutorial written by Jaseung Ku – 17 Dec 2005. May be this is “not professional” robot, but i think it so cool to create a robot simple things around your place.

You can download the tutorial here

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8 thoughts on “Line Follower Robot without Microcontroller (with timer)

  1. i want to know the circuit diagram of the line follower without the use of microcontroller.please help me out if possible anyone

  2. I am given a project to desing a line following robot using a PIC microcontroller the code must be in assembly pls help with the circuit daigram i will try to do the code on myself thank you for ur time take care.

  3. SIR,
    I Want to know the details of line follower without microcontroller please help me,
    hope you will send the details including circuit diagram

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