Line Follower Robot Competition

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Line follower robot contest that took place in Tokyo, November, 2005 at the Panasonic Center. For the latest robot news, information, hacks, pictures, and videos with unique on-website coverage from Japan, please go to
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25 thoughts on “Line Follower Robot Competition

  1. @amando96 What? How could you do that? how can it know it’s actually a crossroad and not the actual line.?

  2. camera work is amazing. maybe he thought the little cars were gunna go along the lines? that would be crazy!

  3. Hello, I am doing a project for my final course, you can give me the circuit of your robot for me? please

  4. The crossroads on the line is a common logical trap for line followers, you just need to add more code to the microcontroller so it disregards the crossroad and continue moving forward

  5. My lecturer asked us to do a line follower robot and add a traffic light system to the track. When red, the robot stops, green, it goes. Any suggestions?

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