Lego Giant Chess Robot

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lego chess robot

Play Lego unloading pairs to build a city may already be a regular activity. But a group of Lego fans create a “giant chess robot” using Lego. Uniquely, the whole “Lego pieces” are strung together like a robot that can move.

To finalize the work of such unique needs of a year, and the power of four people to complete these unique works. Quoted from Inhabitat, Tuesday (06/15/2010), required 100 000 lego and field area of 156 meters to show the lego chess robot action.

A team led by master LEGO Steve Hassenplug uses Lego Mindstorms NXT robot to control their chess. This is a sophisticated system that allows someone to build lego robots. Like an ordinary chess game, a robot that is being exhibited at Brickworld, Chicago is controlled by two people who are connected with a remote control.

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