Legal Challenges in an Age of Robotics

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(November 12, 2009) Panelists Kenneth Anderson, Paul Saffo, F. Daniel Siciliano, and M. Ryan Calo discuss the unique legal challenges that widespread availability of sophisticated robots pose for the present, near future, and far future. Stanford University: Stanford Law: Stanford University Channel on youtube:

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One thought on “Legal Challenges in an Age of Robotics

  1. I’m VERY impressed to find ANY FELLOW AMERICAN interested in Personal/Domestic Care Robotics, so PLEASE include me on any mailing list you may have of discussions! However, you should address The K.I.S.S. Principle (that’s Keep It Simple Stanford…HA!) and recognize the simple solution Thomas Edison developed for his concept called a light bulb. His solution (applied to a robot?)…an “OFF SWITCH”, HARD-WIRED with back-up remote! Then end of misc. security problems, with fregrency hopping created by Heddy Lamarr (in WWII)! Just clutter the signal and Hackers will go to easier prey (as any criminal would do). Yes, I’ve been studying & reseaching this since 1969. Machines have helped Mankind, longer then Jesus Christ, look at automatic, non-powered fountain by HERO (100 years before Christ) and even Leonado Da Vinci designed his “MECHANICAL KNIGHT”, then there was the (Royalty ONLY) Tea Serving Robot of The Nippon and all had an “OFF” switch! SAFETY FIRST, remember?

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