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In the development process of technology, many creatures have been made. People take the chance that they never take before. People try to create every spec that contains of good development of technology. One of the evidence is robotics. Today, robotics can take a lot of attentions from many people including its kinds. There are many kinds of robotics such as networking robot; this is a kind of robot that is determined by internet working. This robot is activated with the internet networking with TCP/IP. The process of control this robot is through networking.

Mobile robot is kind of robot that has a leg to move away. This robot can make with simple way. This robot can be made from plywood or aluminum. Manipulator robot is a kind of robot that is used in industry work because this robot has hands that can be used to hold or move the things away. Humanoid robot is a kind of robot that is used to do something heavy. This robot is a mechanic tools that can do physically work. This robot can control and work, the minds is controlled first. Legs robot is a robot that has part of body such as human. This robot can walk, or crawl likes a human. It usually forms as animal kinds.

Flying robot is a robot that has ability to fly. This robot usually has a duty to control or watch some activities from the air. Under water robot is a kind of robot that has good ability in water. It usually has job to see the situation of underwater or take something in it. These kinds of robot have developed well.

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