Kid’s Walker Robot, robot driven by the children

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kid walker robot

Maybe there are some people who when her childhood wish to become or at least riding robot. In the past, maybe the desire is just a mere dream, but not anymore for now.

Unlike the old days. The toys are more diverse, and using increasingly sophisticated technology, making the dreams of children to ride the robot can become a reality.

Japanese company Sakakibara Kikai create a special robot child named Kid’s Walker. This robot is offered at a price of USD 21,000, robot movement has been restricted, making it safe to use by children who become the driver.

Quoted from Ubergizmo, Tuesday (05/10/2010), walking on a robot does look cool, but the robot movement look less agile. Because although equipped with wheels on the legs, the robot which weighs 180 kg is still giving trouble for children who run it. Even so, at least the dreams of children can be realized.

Watch the Kid’s Walker Robot video:

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