Kaspar Robot to Help Children with Autism

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kaspar the robot

To bring children with autism to play or study can be fun with a Japanese robot named Kaspar. Kaspar, aka “Kinesis and Synchronization in Personal Assistant Robots” is a humanoid robot in the shape of a small child that is used in Japan to help children with autism.

Kaspar, developed at the University of Hertfordshire, England has a face with minimal expression in order not to startle the students with autism. But he will reply to children’s expressions like happy, surprised or just ordinary faces.

As quoted from Cnet, on Friday (27/08/2010), Kaspar Development spend $ 2500. According to the creator of the robot team, this cost has been kept to a minimum so that the future will be easy to do advanced research.

Kaspar has a little motor that could only simulate simple motion, while it is communicating. He could only move the head, neck, arms and hands, winked and video recording, and could even open his mouth and then smiled.

kaspar robot

Kaspar’s body was wrapped with mannequins of children, plus a silicone skin that serves to bind the sensor, so the robot can distinguish between a child every time the touch.

Kaspar which was part of a research project robot therapy for autistic children are usually seated at a table with legs crossed, just like when other kids were sitting. Kaspar even able to move the hands and face for playing ‘Peekaboo’.

Autistic children to touch Kaspar stimulated in order to increase self awareness and reduce the isolation of children who have severe autism.

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