Julia, home robot that can sing and dance

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Robot Julia

A cute robot managed to attract attention in the event the Taipei International Robot Show (TIROS), being held in Taiwan. The robot is named Julia is a home-based entertainment robots, capable of singing and dancing. Julia was developed since 2007 by a team from Advanced Control Lab at Taiwan National University.

Quoted from Plastic Pals, on Wednesday (10/20/2010), Julia is able to respond to voice commands and can interact via touch screen on the front of the robot that can display a variety of features. This robot can be commanded to move forward, backward, spin, turn, turn on the music player application and could even be to access the Internet.

Unlike others who tend to be rigid robots, robot Julia is claimed to be naturally interact through questions and answers given.

As part of the system, each home will be upgraded with a sensor that can make a house into a smart home that can interact with the robot directly.

Julia robot uses sensor networks to provide public information when there are people at home and doing guard duty when residents are traveling. For security reasons, she also comes with some ultrasonic sensors, lasers to detect obstacles, and mapping features.

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