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News from Japan, Samurai Robot ready to rocks..!

Do not want to stop to continue to create creations, Japan presents a Samurai Robot. The Samurai robot are very related to the culture and characteristics of Japanese, and use the complete Samurai-style clothes.

Japan Company: JR Propo and Matsuyashi Dolls collaborate to create a Samurai robot, the pride of his country’s. They were inspired by a samurai named Date Masamune from Sendai City, Japan, which succeeded in establishing a modern city.

As quoted from Ubergizmo on Monday (22/11/2010), Samurai robot has a 67 cm high and fairly light weight of 10 kg. The robot is also able to say the five phrases.

Visually, a robot dressed in Samurai it does look quite impressive. Unfortunately the typical robot is sold with a fairly high price, that is sold at U.S. $ 12,300.

President Matsuyoshi Dolls, Yasuo Koide himself said that they actually do not plan to sell it. But it would be rented for various events. The plan, this Samurai robot, will participate industrial exhibition opened shortly held in Higashi, Osaka, Japan.

Samurai itself is a term for the elite class of military officers before the era of industrialization in Japan. The word Samurai comes from the verb ‘Samorau’ from the ancient Japanese language changed to ‘Saburau’ which means to serve and eventually became the ‘Samurai’, which means working as a waitress for the employer.

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