Japanese Develop Recycled Robot Fish

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Japanese people’s interest against one species of fish were realized by making the recycling robot fish.

Called “recycling” because produced from a number of secondhand items such as raincoats and glass wipers. A researcher and educator in the field of marine named Masamichi Hayashi is the figure behind the robot that called ‘robo-fish’.

Robots that operated with a remote control can perform some activities such as opening and closing the mouth and eat the clone of ‘prey’. In fact, this robot can take the trash out of the water and give it to people who were on the beach.

Hayashi here not only to make a robot fish, but also create a replica other of water animals, such as a turtle with a length of 5 feet and Prehistoric fish coelacanth. And to share knowledge for students, Hayashi has made a series of video documentation of the findings, thus quoted detikInet from the Telegraph.

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