Jada, The First Robot Badminton Player

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Jada badminton robot

It must be very exciting to spend long hours playing badminton with friends. But what if it turns out your friend is not able to play? Do not worry, robot badminton players willing to play your opponent.

In a video that was launched BotJunkie site, a robot named Jada is really good at hitting behind the attack and directed her shuttlecock.

The disadvantage, Jada could only go back and forth to the left and right, he can not move forward and backward. So, a little mild stroke over the net will easily make it not move.

But it must not be underestimated because someday Jada is very likely retaliate by playing more beautiful. The developers of Flanders Mechanotrics Technology Centre (FMTC) in Louvain, Flemish Brabant, Belgium, plans to provide additional capabilities for the robot to move more freely and make a real opponent.

Quoted from BotJunkie, Monday (27/12/2010), although still has many shortcomings, the authors proudly claim that this is the robot’s first badminton player in the world.

Watch this Robot Badminton Player video:

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