iRobot 710 Warrior (video)

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iRobot Warrior 710

In the consumer market, iRobot company is still only represent a simple model Roomba and Scooba cleaner robots. Tepre company is preparing to release something far more powerful and awesome, even by name. In mass production model will come the new iRobot Warrior 710, its mission has gone much further than cleaning the house.

This model is the latest model of corporate, military-grade robots rarely come to the public. This machine has particularly long arms, strong may be subject to double track platform. iRobot 710 Warrior weighs 200 kg, and his big hands on the platform can lift and hold items weighing up to 70 kg. Manipulator can act quickly and decisively, for example, when you have to deal with the glass in the car. Or can work with surgical precision, if required to work with explosives.

Remarkably, iRobot Warrior is controlled by the game controller for Xbox console, the manufacturer decided that it is the most convenient tool. By using this gamepad operator can control the direction of the robot manipulator control in any of the available modes. The maximum speed of iRobot Warrior 710 is 13 km / h, and its value is not specified.

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