Iran Unveils Humanoid Robot called Surena 2

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surena 2 iran humanoid robot

This is the latest humanoid robot made in Iran. The robot is called “Surena 2”, this is the second humanoid robot made by Iran.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, in particular launched a robot weighing 45 kg and height 1.45 meters in a technology event titled “Day of Industry and Mine.”

Quoted from AFP on Monday (06/05/2010), “Surena 2” designed by 20 robotics scientists from the University of Tehran. This robot is claimed to be able to replace humans in performing various tasks that are quite difficult in many different situations.

Just like humans, these robots were able to walk to synchronize the movement of the feet and hands. Not only that, with the ability of 12 movements in the foot, eight-movement in the hand and the two movements in the head, a humanoid robot can be instructed to work on all programs.

This is the second time Iran to create a humanoid robot. Earlier in 2008, Iranian scientists have created the first humanoid robot, named Surena 1.

Robot is able to trace a road that has been determined by the path-finder system that is sensitive and capable of reading text.

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Surena 2, The latest Iran’s Humanoid Robot.

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