iPod Nano Dancing Robot

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iPod Nano robot

Do you want to enjoy the songs from the iPod Nano music player which also can be your friends to dance? A “hacker” as the name of this PachimonDotCom never change the iPhone and the iPod into a robot dancer. But now he did it again on the iPod Nano.

Indeed, the operating system on the iPod Nano does not allow any third party application installation. But in reality, a hacker was able to rip off and displays a cute animated eyes on the screen.

Quoted from Mashable, Monday (27/09/2010), despite having a pair of legs, but the robot is not actually running. Instead, these robots can only swing to the right and left.

Robot is moving more complicated but PachimonDotCom explained that he used the sound from the headphone jack as a signal to control the motor which will move the robot legs and the head of this cute iPod Nano.

Watch the video of iPod Nano Dancing Robot:

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