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Japan had never run out of ideas to make a variety of robotic creations. A robot creator of the “land of Sakura” modify iPad and iPhone into robots that funny, wide-eyed and has a pair of legs.

Indeed, the iPad and iPhone-legged robot built by a man named Terasaki is actually not very special. Possible because the robot is made from two gadgets that are currently popular, many people who are interested to know this robot.

Quoted from Robot Dreams, Monday (14/06/2010), despite a pair of legs, but the robot was not really able to walk. Instead, these robots can only swing to the left and right.

Precisely this is the attraction of robot iPad and robot iPhone is. IPad Phone screen which is become the robot’s face, showing a large round eyes. So while swaying, the robot which looks like ‘brothers’ will look cute with the ball moving to the left and right eyes follow the movement.

source: detikinet.com

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