Innovation First Brings Robotics to the Classroom

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With robotics playing an ever more integral role in STEM education, Innovation First, the company behind a wide range of robotics initiatives, has launched a new online resource targeted directly toward K-12 and post-secondary education.

vex robotics

Innovation First provides robotics programs to about 140,000 students around the world (making up about 12,000 teams), and just last month the company launched in an effort to provide a resource for those interested in robotics competitions. The new resource, Vex Robotics Education, hosted on the Vex Robotics site, is designed as a resource for educators looking to introduce robotics into STEM curricula. It includes free education and classroom support materials for download and also introduces custom classroom lab kits based on the Vex Robotics Design System. The kits include components for building radio-controlled robots.The free materials include activities, course outlines and proposals, assessments, rubrics, miscellaneous resources, and games and challenges designed for the classroom. The robotics kits are discounted for educational use and come in a variety of configurations, including expansion kits. The Vex Robotics Classroom Lab Foundation Kit (the basic kit) runs $549. Expansions start at $99.

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