iCub: the Archer Robot

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icub archer robot

A robot named iCub, not only has the unique ability to mimic the behavior of children. But the robot worth 7.5 million pounds was also good at archery like Robin Hood. But for what?

ICub robot is a quite unique robot, it has a variety of capabilities such as moving the eyes, head and legs. But besides that, it also can hold and recognize various objects.

Based on experiments conducted in the UK some time ago, iCub shown to mimic the behavior of the child by moving his limbs.

However, as quoted from Engadget, Monday (09/27/2010), now iCub robot can also be archery. This can be evidenced by a video circulating on Youtube.

With a special algorithm, iCub can learn the target and shot an arrow straight like a human. But the problem is whether the capability was created to little robots are not dangerous to humans? ”

Watch iCub, the Archer Robot video:

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