HRP-4C: a beautiful robot that can dance well

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Japanese humanoid robot has been recorded many achievements. Previously she had been dazzling the public at the time the robot runs into catwalk models and sing songs. Now, the robot showed her shrewdness in dance with real dancers!

Watch this video:

HRP-4C can now be operated only by using the mouse. Movement is also becoming flexible and supple, just like humans.

Reported by the Daily Mail and quoted on Tuesday (10/19/2010), at an exhibition event held by the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (NIAIST) in Tokyo, Japan, robot shows his ability to shoulder length hair.

On that occasion, NIAIST which is the largest public research organization in Japan that claims to have developed software that allows anyone, even those without the expertise of robotics can even create a program to move the robot.

By using the mouse, the controller can easily create movements that are difficult ones, such as spinning and jumping. NIAIST software also can calculate a certain surprises that demonstrated by the robot, such as jumping up and down movement.

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