HRP-4, Humanoid Robot Looks Like RoboCop

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HRP-4 Humanoid Robot

Japanese scientists presents a robot soldier. Robot called HRP-4 is the latest version of humanoid robots in Sakura country.

HRP-4 was developed by Kawada Industries and the National Institute of Advances Industrial Science & Technology (AIST). The robot can stand on one foot. The robot can also keep track of faces and objects, and respond to voice commands.

HRP-4 looks like RoboCop, but more slender. Weighing only 39 kg including batteries, which means four pounds lighter than the previous version of the robot, the HRP-4C had become a model wedding dresses in Osaka, Japan.

This robot is 150 cm in size and require a power of 80 watts, has 34 joint motion with seven joints in each arm and have fingers that can move more precise than the previous series. Quoted from Cnet, Sunday (09/19/2010), each arm can carry the weight around 450 grams.

This robot can also be useful for homework help, such as electrical equipment holding and pouring drinks.

HRP-4 is the result of research by public and private sectors in Japan for more than a decade, using technology ever developed by the Honda company.

Robot HRP-4 is planned to be on sale from USD 300 000 but does not include software. AIST and Kawada targeting foreign research centers, domestic and universities as potential buyers of this warrior robots.

Watch the HRP-4 Humanoid Robot video:

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