Housemaid robot will become more Lean

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kojiro housemaid robot

Researchers from the University of Tokyo have created a humanoid robot. This time he claimed to be able to do any homework, as a housemaid.

With a body built like a human, complete with mechanical skeleton, muscles and tendons, as well as the existence of false spine, she was able to walk gracefully like a human.

Robotic research team led by Professor Nakanishi was named the robot “Kojiro”.

Nakanishi mada hope in future he can make Kojiro in lighter weight and flexible and thus more agile to work cleaning up the house.

It is considering, although the robot is quite capable, but their movements slower and needs to be accelerated. And one thing that will cause problems concern is about the weight.

With the weight it has, Kojiro feared could hurt people or objects around them.

Kojiro is not only equipped with a system that contains about 100 muscle tendon, she was also given a sensor to track movement and also an accelerometer and two gyroscope to help stay balanced.

So far, the experts try to move Kojiro using game controllers. But for the future, as quoted from DailyMail, Wednesday (10/3/2010), the team had planned to create a computer algorithm for complex movements.

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