Geminoid-F, A Robot that can Smile and Laugh

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geminoid-f humanoid robot

Japanese scientists want to show that the robot did not always stern-faced and serious, but also can smile. Even if you laugh, he was more similar to humans.

Geminoid-F, that is the name of this female robot, was deliberately created by the researchers to show more facial expressions, more ‘humane’.

This robot’s face is left with a bandage, not only iron, but has been enhanced by the leather which comes from rubber elastic. He is also ready to welcome the people who met with a calm smile, his eyebrows moving, so that his face was like a young girl.

Making Geminoid-F is based from a model. And when exhibited, he juxtaposed with the ‘twin’ is a woman. The result? Incredibly, like nut on two sides. Especially when they use the same clothes.

“I like having a twin brother,” said the woman who made the robot model, as quoted from the AFP on Monday (5/4/2010).

The scientists who created the robots costing U.S. $ 110,000 (about USD 1 billion) are hoping their innovations can be used in various activities of life. Like in hospitals or places of public service. His job is not for heavy work, but more from the psychological side.

“We already have data showing that the robot can give patients a sense of security when viewing a smiling robot,” said Satoko Inoue, a spokesman from Kokoro, one of the companies that participated in this robot development project.

“A technology can indeed impact on fear and other negative things. But these scientists want to touch the emotional side of human beings with an expression that created the robot,” said Hiroshi Ishiguro, a professor from Osaka University who led this research.

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