Geminoid DK Humanoid Robot

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Geminoid DK robot

Known as Geminoid DK, this robot has a form extremely comparable to a guy, so this kind of robot has been suspected as being a hoax. However, as quoted from IEEE Spectrum, Geminoid DK is really a real robot.

Designed by Kokoro and Hiroshi Ishiguro, well-known robot scientists from Japan, Geminoid DK fashioned to resemble Professor Henrik Scharfe from Aalborg University, Denmark.

Scharfe explained that the robot was constructed for about 12 months. He’ll in the near future depart for Japan to perform experiments using robot that look similar to him.

“After that, this robot is going to be taken to Denmark and occupy a specially designed laboratory,” he explained.

The research which being performed by Scharfe, similar to what has been accomplished by Ishiguro on the robot which looked like him, Geminoid HI-1. The concentration is on ’emotional level’ of human interaction with robots as well as social differences in viewing the robot.

Geminoid DK will be the first robot which use non-Japanese model, in this case is a foreign man. Because Scharfe has a beard, it also became the first robot which has a beard.

Like other Geminoid robot, the movements and expressions of the robot are controlled remotely via motion-capture system. That’s, each and every facial expressions and movements from the head of operator are going to be followed by the android.

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