Fujitsu Teddy Bear Robot

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teddy bear robot

Fujitsu show off their products, a teddy bear. This product is not an ordinary doll, this is a fairly intelligent robot doll.

Robot Teddy Bear was exhibited in the Fujitsu Fujitsu forums, as quoted from AkihabaraNews, Saturday (05/15/2010). Unlike ordinary doll, she can do many interesting interaction.

With around 13 sensors throughout the body, teddy bear is able to perform the movements and behavior based on the environment. There are about 300 reactions can be done by her.

Through the camera in the nose, the bear is cute can also track the movements and facial expressions of people in front of her. For example, if the man was smiling, Teddy would smile back.

Later, Teddy will have the ability to connect to the Internet network, one of them is the ability to send information if the person in front of her is in problem.

One use of the robot dolls are to help ‘accompanies’ and entertaining the elderly.

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