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French robot ROMEORomeo is a project supported by the Cap Digital competitiveness cluster and funded by the Ile-de-France, the Direction Générale de la Compétitivité, de l’Industrie et des Services(DGCIS) City of Paris. With a budget of € 10M, it is subsidized by € 4.9 million. It aims to develop a humanoid robot designed to become a real assistant for persons losing their autonomy.

Therefore, it should be able to interact in everyday objects (open and close the door handles glass bottles, a keyring …). This robot will also help a person to move home and help even if you fall.

Beyond their physical capabilities, Romeo must provide a human-machine interface which can be accessed by many people: the voice and gestures must be the primary means of communication and the robot must be able to understand what we are told, to keep a short dialogue, and even to see the intentions and emotions of his interlocutor and conclude what actions should be applied.

A first prototype humanoid robot whose size is between 1.20 m and 1.50 m will be developed before the end of 2010 and the second will be delivered several months before the end of the project in autumn 2011, for an evaluation with users in a situation of loss of autonomy of patients selected from the Vision Institute. Based on the findings of this evaluation, Aldebaran intends to develop products that can be available in 2015.

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